You are invited to participate in a study on ICF Reporting Criteria.

2018-03-19 11:17:35 | Snyman, Stefanus

Interest in the ICF is ever growing, as reflected by the broad range of ICF-related literature published over the past decade. However, the methods of application vary according to specific interpretations of the classification and the quality of reporting.

The World Health Organization's Functioning and Disability Reference Group (FDRG) has discussed criteria to assist in evaluating the ICF literature in order to help researchers, reviewers, editors and readers assess the quality of a study. 

We contact you because you are on the FDRG email list. We are requesting your assistance in testing the preliminary criteria developed by the FDRG. The testing consists of an online survey which you will complete after having read two papers that will be assigned to you if you agree to participate.

A working group of FDRG members and collaborators will review your responses and use this important input in editing the criteria. We intend to publish the revised criteria in a peer-reviewed journal. Ultimately, we hope the finalized criteria will guide future ICF publications and enhance their value.

Your participation is very valuable to us and will help ensure the quality of ICF use in literature in the future.


Please respond to this email, letting us know whether you will be able to participate, by April 2nd.

Thank you for your attention.


Best regards

Thomas Maribo, Coen H. van Gool, Catherine Sykes and Patricia Welch Saleeby

(FDRG members)


Contact information:


Rikke Daugaard

Research assistant, Central Denmark Region, Denmark


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