ICF updates: Open discussion

English Title: ICF updates: Open discussion

2020-06-09 11:08:16 | Sykes, Catherine

ICF update proposals to be considered for 2020 are now in the Open Discussion layer of the ICF update platform. https://extranet.who.int/icfrevision/nr/loginICF.aspx 

Proposals submitted this year and proposals held over from past years have been reviewed by the Functioning and Disability Reference Group. 

To go to the Open Discussion layer, once you are in the main page of the ICF update platform, click on the “Search/Filter/Report tab and then select Open Discussion Layer and click on Search. You will then be able to see the list of update proposals currently present in the Open Discussion layer.

  • To make changes to your proposal(s), once you see the list of proposals, click on the "Edit" button to the right of the proposal title.
  • To make comments, once you have opened a proposal (this is done by simply clicking on the title of the proposal), click on the button “Add a new comment” placed at the beginning of the “Comments” area, on the right.

After open discussion by any person interested in the quality of the ICF the proposals will be voted on by the Classification Standards Advisory Group and acceptable proposals presented to the WHO-FIC Council for endorsement in October 2020. Endorsed proposals will be included in the ICF for use in from 2021.

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