ICanFunction mHealth Solution (mICF) prototype: User experiences

English Title: ICanFunction mHealth Solution (mICF) prototype: User experiences

2020-03-31 21:53:30 | Sykes, Catherine

This presentation by ANTTILA H, KOKKO K, PALTAMAA J, WECKSTRÖM P, HIEKKALA S with The International mICF Partnership shows the results from the study, which aimed to develop and test the user experience and feasibility of a patient-centered proof-of-concept (POC) of the mICF.


  • to develop with agile techniques a proof-of-concept (POC) of the mICF (an ICT approach for person-centred assessment of functioning based on ICF) to record a person's (with severe disabilities) functional status (problems and attributes) in terms of ICF (functioning/disability status and contextual information).
  • to test the user experience and acceptance of the first iterations of the POC, first with people with physical disabilities and later with short grown children and adults with severe disability as an example of a chronic condition and their service providers.
  • to determine how efficiently the patient-driven functional profiles provided by this mobile based solution could support users and providers in the front line (e.g. clients, patients, parents, caregivers, social and health service providers) in shared decision-making of the patient goal setting and rehabilitation planning.

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Report in Finnish


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