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ICF advisors and educators are experienced users of ICF. They offer their expertise to support others in learning about the classification and its applications. All submissions to the register are moderated. See Terms and Conditions.

By adding their name to the register, ICF advisors and educators are disclosing information about themselves to potential sponsors. Please respect this disclosure. Any relations between the Advisor/Educator and the sponsor are at their mutual discretion. Any arrangements are their own responsibility. This portal is merely a means whereby people can meet in the interest of extending ICF education across the globe.

How to find an ICF Advisor/Educator?

  • To use find an ICF Advisor/Educator, you must be registered and logged in.
  • The tools for finding an ICF Advisor/Educator are located in the sidebar (on the right of a PC screen or at the bottom of a mobile screen).
  • Four types of searches are possible: by Surname, by Language, by Settings/Audiences and by Country

How to register as an ICF Advisor/Educator

  • First of all register on this portal by completing the form at
  • If you have already registered login.
  • On your profile page you will find a tab Register as an ICF Advisor/Educator.  If you have submitted an ICF education resource a supplementary profile for your teaching/advising experience will be displayed.
  • If you have not submitted a resource you will be prompted to do so.
  • Once you have entered a resource the ICF Advisor/Educator tab will open.
  • Enter all details requested and enter Submit

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