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Third International Symposium: ICF Education

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This Third International Symposium: ICF Education builds on the first held in Finland in 2015 and the second in South Africa in 2017. The aim is to bring together people from around the world who are using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) in clinical practice, research and teaching.

The Third International Symposium: ICF Education will enable participants to share their experiences and learn from each other. Active participation from all delegates is encouraged and expected!

Call for Abstracts: The Symposium Organising Committee of the Third International Symposium: ICF Education is also calling for abstracts for posters. Selected posters will be invited to be presented as brief oral presentations. Accepted posters and presentations will be posted on www.ICFEducation.org and www.icf-research-branch.org. See submission details below.

Symposium themes

  1. Teaching the ICF – concepts and experiences
  2. Use of the ICF

Event details:


Friday, 13th of April 2018


11:45 - 18:30 (Pre-symposium talks from 9:00 - 11:40)


MSH Medical School Hamburg - Großer Grasbrook Campus,

Großer Grasbrook 17, 20457 Hamburg


€ 50 (to be paid onsite in cash)

Important dates

Registration and abstract submission opens

4 December 2017

Abstract submission deadline:

30 January 2018

Notification of decision regarding abstracts:

15 March 2018

PowerPoint files of posters due:

30 March 2018

Registration closes:

30 March 2018 (limited registrations will be accepted)

PowerPoint files of oral presentations due:

9 April 2018

Registration and abstract submisson

Register using the designated portal on the ICF Research Branch website, www.icf-research-branch.org. There is also a designated portal for submitting posters abstracts.  Abstracts will be only be accepted from registered delegates. See below for general information about the poster and oral presentations as well as for the submission guidelines.



Pre-Symposium Talks

[translation in English is planned]

ICF in Germany

Update-Prozess und aktuelle Entwicklungen zur ICF aus Sicht der WHO 

Was kann Deutschland vom standardisierten Abklärungsverfahren der Schweiz für die Frühförderung lernen?

ICF-orientierte Bedarfsermittlung in der beruflichen Rehabilitation – Ergebnisse des trägerübergreifenden b3-Projektes


3rd International Symposium: Welcome & Poster session I Teaching the ICF






Focus on functioning in ICF


Focus on ICF education


Workshops in parallel**

Teaching the ICF

  1. Teaching ICF in an interprofessional context
  2. Teaching others to teach about the ICF (Train-the-Trainer)
  3. Teaching health administrators and decision makers about the ICF 

Use of the ICF

  1. Joint use of the ICF with other WHO classifications
  2. ICF to monitor health and health related outcomes

In between




Poster Session II Use of the ICF



Wrap up



Dinner (at own cost) to continue our conversation - OPTIONAL

** When registrating, the participant will be asked to indicate the 1st and 2nd choice for the workshop he/she would like to attend. Efforts will be made to allocate each participant to the chosen workshop.”


An allotment of rooms with special prices have been reserved in the following hotels on a first come first serve basis. To reserve accommodations, please contact the chosen hotel directly by 15 February 2018. Reservations made after Feb. 15th will not be part of the allotment and will be subject to the standard price. When making the reservation, kindly provide the hotel the respective group name.

25hours Hotel Hafencity – Group name: MSH120418

Web: https://www.25hours-hotels.com/hotels/hamburg/hafencity
Email: res.hafencity@25hours-hotels.com
Tel. +49 40 25 7777 255

EUR 165 (M-Koje) per room and night during the period 12-15 April. Breakfast buffet is extra and costs
EUR 18 per person and day if booked ahead of time; otherwise it will cost EUR 21 per person and day. Reservations can be cancelled at no cost at 6 PM local time on the day before arrival. 25hours Hotel Hafencity is approx. a 7-min. walk to the meeting venue. Public transport by bus is also available.

Hotel Hafen Hamburg – Group name: MSH2018

Web: http://www.hotel-hafen-hamburg.de/,
Email: info@hotel-hamburg.de
Tel. +49 40 31113-0

EUR 180 (Captain’s class) per room (single use) and night during the period 12-15 April or EUR 100 per room and night during the period of 15-16 April. Breakfast buffet is extra and costs EUR 20 per person and day. There is a minimum stay of 2 nights. Reservations can be cancelled at no cost 3 days before the arrival date. Hotel Hafen Hamburg is approx. a 30-min. walk or an 8-min. drive to the meeting venue. Public transport by bus is also available.

Empire Riverside Hotel – Group name: MSH2018

Web: http://www.empire-riverside.de/
Email: empire@hotel-hamburg.de
Tel. +49 40 31119-0

EUR 199 (Riverside) per room and night (single use) during the period 12-15 April or EUR 129 per room and night during the period of 15-16 April. Breakfast buffet is extra and costs EUR 23 per person and day. There is a minimum stay of 2 nights. Reservations can be cancelled at no cost 3 days before the arrival date. Empire Riverside Hotel is approx. a 35-min. walk or an 11-min. drive to the meeting venue. Public transport by bus is also available.

Contact – Symposium Organising Committee:

  • For general questions: Melissa Selb, Email: selb@paraplegie.ch, Tel.  +41 41 939 6631
  • For submission of PowerPoint files of posters and oral presentations: Michaela Coenen, Email: coenen@med.uni-muenchen.de, Tel. +49 89 2180 78216

Information – Poster and Oral Presentations

  1. The symposium language is English. Thus, all abstracts and presentations must be submitted in English. Translation will not be provided.
  2. Abstract submission must be made using the designated portal on icf-research-branch.org. Note that the submission portal has limited space for data entry.
  3. An abstract must be submitted online for each proposed presentation.
  4. Selected posters will be invited to be presented as brief oral presentations. The author(s) will be asked on the abstract submission portal to indicate whether he/she/they would like the submitted abstract be considered for oral presentation.
  5. The abstract as submitted by the author(s) will be reproduced in a poster booklet (PDF) and made available on ICFeducation.org and www.icf-research-branch.org . It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that the abstract submitted is accurate and complete.
  6. Authors of abstracts that are invited for oral presentation are requested to make their slides available for publication on ICFeducation.org and www.icf-research-branch.org.
  7. All correspondences will be with the corresponding author. The corresponding author will also receive the notification regarding the poster abstract and the invitation for oral presentation. The corresponding author is responsible for informing all co-authors about the status of the abstract and acquiring approval for presentations should the abstract be accepted for oral presentation.
  8. Abstract authors are responsible for acquiring all copyright permissions for material included in their abstracts and presentations, and be prepared to provide permissions if requested.
  9. Abstracts will be reviewed by the Symposium Organising Committee based on the following principles: the abstracts submitted reflects at least one of the symposium topics, is clear and logical.
  10. The scheduling of all presentations will be determined by the Symposium Organising Committee to ensure best fit with the overall programme. Any requests for specific times will not be considered. Similar abstracts in related topic areas will be grouped together for presentation.
  11. Presentations are expected to be provided as a PowerPoint (PPT) file and sent to Michaela Coenen, Email: coenen@med.uni-muenchen.de.
  12. The poster and the PPT presentation should include the same content and follow the same outline as that described in the abstract.
  13. All decisions of the Symposium Organising Committee are final.

Submission guidelines

Abstract requirements

[max. 20 words]

Clearly describes the abstract.


[max. 7]

Name of presenter and co-authors; organisation/institution, city, country, e-mail, telephone/WhatsApp, Skype name.


[max. 350 words]


The context for the work.


The major reason for undertaking the work and any secondary objectives.


Principles, methods/approaches that were applied/involved.


Summary of the main findings.


What can be concluded from your work? What are the suggestions for future work?


The implications of your work and how will the results be translated into practice / management / education / policy.


Use up to three keywords to describe your work.

Funding acknowledgement:

[max. 20 words]

Please acknowledge all funding sources that supported your work. If the work was unfunded, please state this.



Presentation formats

Poster presentations

Abstracts will be only be accepted from registered delegates. The author(s) will be responsible for printing the poster and bringing it to the symposium. Poster boards will be available for hanging the posters before the start of the symposium.

Poster dimension: A0 paper size / Portrait orientation / 841 x 1189 mm / 33.1 x 46.8 in

The abstract topic should be presented on the poster using brief written statements and graphic materials, such as charts, figures and photographs. The author(s) will have the opportunity to discuss their posters with participants during the coffee and lunch breaks.

Oral presentations

Selected poster abstracts will be selected to be presented as an oral presentation during poster sessions I or II. If a poster is invited to be presented as an oral presentation, the author(s) will be asked to prepare a 7- minute PPT presentation (max. 5 slides) that will visually support the verbal presentation of the poster content. Each presentation will be followed by a 5-minute Q&A session. 

The PPT slides must be sent to Michaela Coenen, a member of the Symposium Organising Committee, Email: michaela.coenen@med.uni-muenchen.de at the latest by 9 April 2018.

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