3rd International Symposium: ICF Education, Hamburg, Germany (13 April 2018)

The 3rd International Symposium: ICF Education was held in Hamburg, Germany (13 April 2018). 

The success of these symposia can be measured by the growing number of participants and abstract submissions, suggesting that the countries where a symposium is held benefits from the interaction of local participants with WHO-FIC members and collaborators.

Country No
Australia 1
Austria 3
Brazil 10
Bulgaria 1
Canada 2
China 1
Czech Republic 3
Denmark 5
Estonia 2
Finland 3
France 1
Germany 16
Iceland 1
Italy 3
Japan 4
Kuwait 1
Morocco 1
Netherlands 6
Poland 1
Portugal 1
Romania 2
Russia 2
Rwanda 1
Saudi Arabia 1
South Africa 2
S. Korea 6
Sweden 2
Switzerland 2
Turkey 1
Ukraine 4

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