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Have you a question about WHO’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), its use, effective teaching methods and tools or any other matter to do with ICF? Do you want to discuss with ICF users around the world what they are doing and the results they are finding? This forum is the place where you can connect with the editorial team, people with wide-ranging experience of the classification, and other users or potential users of ICF. All submissions to this Forum are moderated. Please see the Terms and Conditions

  • Selecting ICF categories (E.g. how many, which components, what level in the classification?)
  • Using qualifiers (E.g. ICF qualifiers, capacity and performance, creating new qualifiers.)
  • ICF-related tools (E.g. ICF Checklist, ‘Core Sets’, Model Disability Survey)
  • Using WHO-DAS 2
  • ICF and interprofessional education
  • (E.g. ICF based data collections, analyses, linking data sets)

How to use the forum

  1. To use the ICF Education Forum, you must be registered and logged in
  2. Check whether your question or discussion point is already in the list of topics to the left of the screen
  3. All discussions to see the range of topics already on the ICF Education Forum There may be an answer to your enquiry already posted.
  4. If there is a category that you are interested in, click on the topic line and see if your question has been answered already. You can read other submissions on the topic and add your own comments or questions.
  5. To add a comment, click on the earlier comment. A text box will appear. Enter your comment. You may elect to be notified of responses before clicking Submit response
  6. If your question or comment is new click + New discussion. A text box will appear.
    • Enter a Title for your entry at top left of the text box
    • Select an existing Category or Other’’ at top right of the text box
    • You have the option to select a Colour for a new topic at bottom left of the text box
    • Write your text then click Create discussion when complete

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