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  3. The tools for finding a resource are in the sidebar (on the right of a PC screen) or at the bottom of a mobile screen.
  4. Two types of searches are possible: Word searches and Topic searches.
  5. Word search: Type in the keyword you are looking for in the “Word search” section and press Search. A list of resources containing the keyword will be displayed
  6. Topic search: Topics are categorized under 6 headings. Each of these is displayed as a drop-down menu.
    • From each category relevant to your search, select the topic that matches your requirement.
    • Ignore categories that are irrelevant to your topic search.
  7. Press the Submit button to start your search. A list of resources linked to the required topics will be displayed. 
  8. Note: Only topics that have resources linked to them are displayed in the Topic Search. In other words, the topics listed under each drop-down category only appear in that list if there is a resource associated with them in the ICF Education database.

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