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  • Olaf Kraus de Camargo 1 year ago

    Does anyone have knowledge about a WHODAS version for children and used it?

  • Catherine Sykes 10 months ago

    A copy of "WHO DAS 2 Children and Youth 36-Item Version" is available at: https://medicine.usask.ca/documents/psychiatry/WHODAS2_20150123-1.pdf

    Camino et al describe the development of the "Child WHODAS" is described at: https://file.scirp.org/pdf/OJMP_2013012814553347.pdf

    A validation study of "WHODAS-Child" in Rwanda is published at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3591425/ 

    What is not clear is whether these are one and the same version. None of them have been, to my knowledge, endorsed by WHO.

  • Huib Ten Napel 5 months ago

    That is correct, WHODAS-Child (or Chil WHODAS) has not been endorsed by WHO. As far as I know, the group who developed WHODAS-Child offered the WHODAS-Child to WHO for further validation. A small group of people within the FDRG started to analyse and compare WHODAS-Child and WHODAS 2.0.

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