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  • Heidi Anttila 3 months ago

    Does anyone know what is exactly the relation between the SNOMED-CT Terminology and the ICF?

    I need to to know as Finland is going to take into use the SNOMED-CT Problem list consisting of 6500 terms, and we also have the ICF with over 1600 well-defined categories. Has anyone tried to find links or done mapping between the two? 

  • Huib Ten Napel 3 months ago

    As far as I know there is no formal relation between ICF and Snomed CT. In earlier years there has been an attempt to link the ICIDH 2 beta version to Snomed, so you might find some similar terms there.

    The FDRG should be informed if there had been an execise to link ICF to Snomed, but this has not happened yet. Jane Millar could be approached to ask if there will be any action taken on this. Since the work on 'mapping' ICD to Snomed CT has no progress, I do not expect that any action to 'map' ICF to Snomed CT will be undertaken.

    I have tried to find some similar concepts for ICF terms in Snomed CT, but that is hard to do, specially because they are problem-terms as you say.

    In principle you should not talk about mapping at all, because mapping is something you do using a Reference Terminology, where both systems 'map' to some similar formal concepts with clear agreed definitions. The quality of the 'map' will than be in terms 'closeness' of similar meaning of concepts, but this should be done in a formalized environment, and not in peoples heads.

    There is no Reference terminology available at the moment (Snomed CT is not a Reference Terminology, although it claims to be one), so the only thing you can say when you can find a term from ICF in Snomed CT, that there is a cross-reference or a bridge coding between the two terms. Still, when you find some similar terms, you need to ask yourself if the concept is the same, or only the terms are the same. This represents different kinds of knowledge - concept to concept or term to term.

    I hope that Finland is not going to do an exercise on its own to try to 'link' ICF to Snomed CT? In Seoel we talked about the situation that some countries are doing these kind of exercises between ICD and Snomed CT, which leads to chaos. This kind of work needs to be centralized and coordinated buy the two stakeholders: WHO and Snomed International.

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