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Who created this portal?

This open access portal of educational resources was created as an international public good by an international collaboration of people who have been working within the WHO Family of International Classifications Network for up to 20 years. We have given our time and our personal financial resources to create this prototype Portal, to gauge its usefulness to the wide audience of people interested in the ICF. For more information see our editorial team (below) and the education providers.

Editorial Team

Our Editorial Team conducts an initial fast evaluation of educational resources offered, chiefly to check relevance; conducts or arranges subsequent reviews to enable rating; reviews overall contents from time to time and seeks to ensure coverage of the main selected topic areas and contributions from all regions of the world; analyses feedback, commentary and use patterns.

The Editorial Team roles include:

  • conducting an initial fast evaluation of educational resources offered to check relevance
  • enable publication on the site
  • conduct or arrange subsequent reviews to enable rating (link to rating system)
  • seek to ensure coverage of the main topic areas and contributions from all regions of the world
  • review overall contents from time to time
  • analyse feedback, commentary and use patterns

Members as at 30 June 2015 are (in alphabetical order):

Heidi Anttila* (Finland):  Heidi is a senior researcher who has worked in the fields of health technology assessment, assistive technology, functioning and disability over 15 years. LinkedIn | Twitter | ResearchGate

Sharon Baker (Canada):  Sharon has over 20 years of experience in Health Information Management. She is a Program Lead with the Canadian Institute for Health Information and is responsible for the development of ICD education. Linkedin

Yanina Besstrashnova (Russia):  Yanina is an economist working on e-learning, assessment using the ICF, relevance to rehabilitation and the assessment of barriers. Linkedin |  ResearchGate

Lucilla Frattura (Italy): Lucilla is a medical doctor, psychiatrist, epidemiologist and health professions educationist. She has practice in ICD and ICF education, in development of ICF-based assessment tools to support automated coding, and in introducing ICF in Italian welfare policies (health, social, education, labour). Linkedin

Cassia Buchalla (Brazil): Cassia is part of the WHO Collaborating Center for the FIC in Portuguese, and work on the implementation of ICF in Brazil. The Center is located at the School of Public Health at the University of Sao Paulo. Linkedin  | Twitter | ResearchGate

Judith Hollenweger (Switzerland): Judith is an educational scientist who has been involved with the development of the ICF and its implementation in education systems since 1996. Linkedin

Olaf Kraus de Camargo* (Canada): Olaf is a developmental paediatrician who has worked on the implementation of the ICF internationally since 2001. Linkedin |  Twitter |  ResearchGate

Haejung Lee* (South Korea): Haejung Lee is a physical therapist and researcher who has worked on the implementation of ICF in health systems since 2009.

Victor McKinney (South Africa):  Vic is a doctoral student and disability activist with C4 quadriplegia, living in Cape Town, South Africa. He has been involved with community and disability development from grassroots to parliamentary level since 1990. Linkedin

Rosamond Madden* (Australia): Ros is an experienced statistician who has worked on the development and use of the ICF since 1994. Linkedin

Thomas Maribo* (Denmark) Thomas is a senior researcher with special interest in how to describe functioning. He is working on the implementation of ICF in clinical practice at hospitals and community based rehabilitation. Linkedin | Twitter

Jaana Paltamaa (Finland):  Jaana is a researcher and planning specialist with special interest in describing functioning and the use of the ICF. LinkedinTwitterResearchGate

Alexander Shoshmin (Russia): Alexander is a psychophysiologist and computer scientist working on the assessment of needs of persons with disabilities, for rehabilitation measures based on the ICF. He has over 20 years of experience in training for healthcare and social professionals.

Stefanus Snyman* (South Africa): Stefanus is a medical doctor and health professions educationist, responsible for interprofessional education and collaborative practice. He is facilitator of the International I Can Function (mICF) partnership, a mHealth application based on ICF. Linkedin | Twitter

Catherine Sykes* (U.K.): Catherine is a physical therapist and senior research fellow who has worked on the development and use of the ICF since 1998. Linkedin | Twitter

Joanne Valerius* (U.S.A.): Joanne has been an educator in coding systems for over 30 years. Linkedin | Twitter | Email

* Funders of this Portal

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